& Short Stories

“Christopher Finds Home,” short story. 34thParallel
“Tropical Storm,” short story. 30 Ways to Love Maryland
“Faulty Head Works,” short story. Scarlet Leaf Review
“The Moderns,” short story. The Flash Fiction Press
“Details at Eleven,” short story. Literary Orphans
“A Whole Big Other World,” short story. Fiction on the Web
“Sky Light,” short story. Free State Review
“Pony Boy,” short story. The Lifted Brow
“We Do It All For You,” short story. SubtleTea
“Some Research Suggests That The Problem May Be Source Error,” short story. Zygote In My Coffee
“Kidnapped,” short story.  Scribble
“Outside,” short story.  Unlikely Stories
“East of Cousins,” short story.  Stickman Review
“New Bloom,” short story.  Poetic Diversity
“Seafarer,” short story.  Poetic Diversity.
“Time for School,” short story.  Witness
“Long Time Gone,” short story.  Wazee Journal.
“Inside,” short story.
“Student Slayer: the Imposed Curriculum,” article. The Quarterly of the National Writing Project.
“Obstructions,” short story.  Robin’s Nest
“A Quiet Saturday Night,” short story.  Dan River Anthology.
“History of Hands,” short story.  Licking River Review
“The Man in His Fedora,” short story.  Slipstream
“New Bloom,” short story.  Z Miscellaneous
“WinterCircle,” short story.  On the Edge
“On the Boat: Christmas on the Great Lakes,” article.  The Northern Review.
“Mr. Suicide,” short story.  Cube Literary Magazine
“Our Sessions,” short story.  Conservatory of American Letters.
“Dance,” short story.  Dan River Anthology
“Seafarer,” short story.  Samisdat and Dan River Anthology
“Man & Beast,” short story.  Amelia
“Marriage,” short story. Samisdat
“Clarity,” short story. Seems

As a writer, he finds resonance in a judgment from the I Ching, “Perseverance Furthers.” Write with enough devotion and authenticity and you just might get to the heart of things.

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How does a man live a fulfilling life when he’s certain that deep down he’s nothing but a rat?

The dirty streets of 1980s Baltimore offer the perfect environment for a lost young man to sniff out his own domain and build a nest. But when that man is convinced there’s little good about him, life becomes a frustrating exercise. It’s only now, after nearly twenty years in Charm City, that Raymond Conrad may have finally found his place…

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